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We are committed to making small lots of premium handcrafted wines. It all starts by attentively cultivating quality wine in the vineyard. 


Our wines are only available at the winery or in select wine bars, shops, and restaurants.


Jostela red couvé barique

Artisan Wines

Jostela vineyard in Gevgelija

The top winemaker is like a "Master Chef". He has the ability to feel the fine differences in the tastes, aromas, and quality of the ingredients, but also the knowledge to combine them in an appropriate taste, smell, color, and experience


Wine is a natural product – each harvest has its own identity and beauty. Here, mother nature is the ultimate winemaker, and we, humble mortals, can only highlight the best that the season brings


The story began in 2005 when the respected oenologist
Mr. Jovan Gelebeshev started to create his own plantation and brand.
This wine alchemist pours his knowledge and rich experience into the Jostela project


Visit Jostela. Mingle with the winemakers buy some wine and have a great time.

We are open for Wine Tasting with Reservations, Retail Sales, and Wine Pickups

Jostela Wine Club
Jostela aims to create an association of adventurers by introducing them to our wines and spreading awareness about WINE CULTURE in general
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