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We teach about the wine culture

The Oenologist

Making wine is like alchemy. The only difference is that in the case of wine, the alchemist is the oenologist.
Or simply put - the winemaker.

*Alchemists tried to create an ideal substance called the "Stone of Wisdom". This mythical substance would turn common metals into precious ones and would be the source of eternal youth and the elixir of immortality. As a metaphor for the characteristics of good wine.

The Oenologist
Art of Winemaking

The top winemaker is like a "Master Chef" He has the ability to feel the fine differences in the tastes, aromas, and quality of the ingredients, but also the knowledge to combine them in an appropriate taste, smell, color, and experience.

Wine is a natural product – every harvest has its own identity and beauty. And since Mother Nature is the ultimate winemaker,
we, humble mortals, can only highlight the best the season brings.

Right here, Mrs. Venera Gelebesheva Krstic is a master of the art. She knows how to recognize what needs to be highlighted to create a wine with a unique taste. That is why this wine cellar is a boutique in the true sense, and our wines are "exclusivity" packaged in a bottle.

The Winery
The Winery

The winery is arranged super simply. It is located only 2 kilometers from the border with the Republic of Greece, in the style of a small hacienda. It radiates the immediacy of the people of the south. The characteristic orange color of the facade, the courtyard, quinces, figs, and aromatic herbs make this place unique. The center of attention is - wine.

The cellar annually produces:

1000 l of Merlot
1500 l Cabernet Sauvignon
1,500 l Cuveé (wine aged 12-24 months in oak barrels)
1,000 l Žilavka
1,000 l of Rosé
500 l cuvette rosé Nuit

White and rosé wines are released on the market in March while we age the red ones.

The cuvée wine, a blend of three varieties - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, is aged in oak barrels. Depending on the year, the wine matures for 12-14 months and then another six months in glass bottles.
Only then we put it on sale. Our customers especially appreciate these wines.

For years, the winery had an exclusive attitude toward white wines. There was also a joke that the whitest wine in Jostela will always be - Rosé. But in recent years, Jostela has produced and promoted a unique white wine from the Balkan variety Žilavka. We are incredibly proud of the taste and quality we achieved with this wine. The direction in which Jostela will move in the future is to work with local wine varieties to obtain a premium wine that will have the uniqueness of the geographical region.

Jostela wines can be purchased directly at the winery in Gevgelija or ordered through the website.

 Click here to order some wine.

Schedule a tasting by phone: 
+389 (0)70 305 149 and +389 71 218 876, 

or click here to book online
we will be delighted to serve you.

The Winery
Wine Tasting

In the small tasting room, furnished with natural wood furniture, between wine glasses, bottles of wine, brandy, and liqueur, the headmaster, Mrs. Venera, will tell you the story of her wine while pouring you black, white, and rosé.

From May to October, you can enjoy the terrace, overlooking the vineyard, away from the city bustle, and tasting the wines.
Appetizer of cheeses, freshly picked figs from the yard, grapes, and prosciutto, there is no end to the conversation. The anxiety of the city disappears. You merge with nature and turn it into an emotion. You listen carefully to the hostess - her optimism overwhelms you. It seems you have known her all your life. You leave with a carton of wine and rejoice in advance in the ritual of opening a "Jostela."

Instead of a souvenir - get cherry liqueur, brandy from quinces, or a jar of local honey and grape syrup, sweet from greens, or marmalade from ripe figs.

Wine Tasting
The Heritage

The story begins in 2005, when Mr. Jovan Gelebeshev, an oenologist, started to create his vineyard and brand with great enthusiasm. This wine professional and lover of the magic of wine invests all his knowledge and experience in the Jostela project. Today, Jostela's winery is continued by the second and third generation of oenologists in the family, his daughter Venera and her son Stefan.

Back then, we purchased the seedlings of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from France. We grew them with special care and attention.

We completed the entire production process - the technology, the cellar, the barrels, with Jostela's first wine – a red Merlot variety.
Over the years, we have perfected Jostella's Merlot. Today this wine is a standard product of the winery, and connoisseurs of good Merlot can enjoy it in limited quantities.

In the beginning, we exclusively produced only red wines (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vranec, and Cuvée) The winery became known for the quality of its red wines. In 2008, Jostela produced the first rosé of the Cabernet Franc variety, and to this day, Jostela is most recognizable for its rosé.

As the winery developed, we introduced new varieties of wine. Thus, in 2018, we created the first white wine from the Traminec variety.

In the following years, we started producing a white wine from the Žilavka variety. This grape variety, originally from Herzegovina, prevailed in the Gevgelija region in the past. We wanted to restore its old glory and start developing a wine with a unique identity. 

In 2021, we created NUIT, a rosé cuvée wine from the Merlot and Cabernet Franc varieties.
This wine follows the global trends of rosé wines, with a delicate rosé color, complex taste, and aromas.

The Heritage
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