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Making wine is like alchemy. The only difference is that in wine the alchemist is the oenologist or simply put - the winemaker.

Alchemists tried to create an ideal substance called the "Stone of Wisdom". This mythical substance would turn common metals into precious ones, would be the source of eternal youth and the elixir of immortality. As a metaphor for the characteristics of good wine.

The top winemaker is like a "Master Chef". He has the ability to feel the fine differences in the tastes, aromas and quality of the ingredients, but also the knowledge to combine them in an appropriate taste, smell, color, experience.

And since wine is a natural product – each harvest has its own identity and beauty.

Here, mother nature is the ultimate winemaker, and we humble mortals can only highlight the best that the season brings.

Well - this is exactly where Mrs. Gelebisheva is a master of the art. She knows how to recognize exactly what needs to be highlighted and create a wine with a unique taste. That is why this wine cellar is a boutique in the true sense and their wines are exclusive packaged in a bottle.

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