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Boutique winery JOSTELA

Jostela is a "boutique" winery from Gevgelija that produces small "artisanal" series of wines. For 7 years, the owners, 1 different vines, with recognition for wine technology and many years of experience gained from wine production in different cellars, very skillfully produce top wines.


The story begins in 2005, Mr. Jovan Gelebishev, with great enthusiasm, started to create his own plantation and brands. This lover of the magic of wine transfers his knowledge and experience to the Jostela project. Today, the production of Jostela is continued by the second and third generation of winemakers in the family - daughter Venera and son Stefan.

The seedlings were sent from France, planted and grown with special care and attention. Technology, the cellar, the barrels – the entire production process is rounded off with Jostela's first wine – a red Merlot variety. Over the years, we have developed Jostella's Merlot to perfection. Today, it is a standard product of the winery and lovers of good Merlot still have it on the table.

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